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Welcome to Test Prep New York’s Yoga for your Mind blog.

We understand that tests not only measure what you know or how well you know it; tests also measure how well you take tests.

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Our high-octane, fully loaded blog will give students, parents, teachers, and curious souls ingredients to excel in school and on upcoming tests. We will introduce you to powerful and easy techniques to optimize your test-taking potential by aligning yourself intellectually, emotionally and intuitively.

We will include best methods for organization, perseverance and balance, plus a plethora of personal growth exercises designed to alleviate stress and enhance efficacy and confidence. Our advice includes suggestions to manifest your intention and spark momentum to accelerate your full learning potential.

You’ll benefit from experts at the front line; from admissions consultants, tutors, psychologists, learning specialists, linguists, brainiacs, poets, educators, mystics, and a seer or two, who will provide suggestions for the most effective ways to think and be to help you become the you you’re meant to become. You might feel your boundaries stretched and challenged. Learning sometimes does this.

It’s up to you to imagine what’s possible, to think big, and to lay claim to your greatness and strengths so you can go into the test, and life, feeling confident and secure that you’ve done all you can to achieve your best score. The secrets to your success are being in the flow, trusting the journey, and preparing yourself fully. Have integrity, take responsibility, and enjoy the ride. Your learning is the culmination of study, feeling confident and calm. We’re a source to help you get there.

Put on your seat belts, and get your inner guru ready, because we’re ready to fly!


“Good morning, don’t cop out
You crawled from the cancer
To land on your feet.”
~Matthew Good

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