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THE NEW AGE COLLIDES WITH MAINSTREAM TEST PREPARATION – Ancient mind techniques help students increase test scores

SAN FRANCISCO, November 17, 2013  — Stress reducing holistic modalities like sound therapy, guided visualization and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are the tools now being pioneered to help students increase scores and stay calm and present in the high-stress environment of the SAT, ACT, GRE, and other standardized tests. Bara Sapir, 21- year veteran of the test-prep business and former instructor for The Princeton Review, founded Test Prep New York eight years ago; and she’s recently arrived in San Francisco with something new up her sleeve: MindFlow.

MindFlow teaches mindfulness integrated with ages-old techniques like meditation, hypnosis, and visualization in a one-day/five-hour class created to improve students’ performance on reading comprehension questions while providing valuable test insight and confidence in overall test taking abilities. It’s a hybrid course that combines speed-reading skills and high-stakes test preparation with holistic modalities and it’s the only class like it in the world of test preparation.

Every month MindFlow classes are offered in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area where TPNY has just opened a sister office: Test Prep San Francisco. Upcoming MindFlow dates: Oakland: Sunday December 15,  Marin: Sunday November  24,  New York City: Sunday, December 15 . Cost: $300  For more information visit:  or  call: (646) 290-7440

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The easiest way to improve test scores is with MindFlow. The class teaches skills beyond that of other test preparation programs in order to increase performance even more. If you can spare one day, this class will enhance you for the rest of your life.

More and more people are interested in using mindfulness for personal change and health as they become increasingly aware of the practice. The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today and many other media have reported the benefits of staying present in all aspects of life. Sports psychologists, professional athletes, top students and business executives know that a proper mind-set is crucial to doing things well.

Sapir says, “How well you do anything is largely mental. Having all parts of your mind totally and congruently oriented toward reaching your goals can skyrocket your performance level.” This last part can make a crucial difference to test-takers who have peaked with traditional study methods, but need additional points to make it into the top schools. And it works. Every year Test Prep New York/Test Prep San Francisco students gain entry to the top schools—Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, London School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Yale and others.

Reading-speed tests given at the beginning and then again at the end of the class show that students learning MindFlow consistently increase reading speeds up to four times without sacrificing comprehension, which results in average reading-section score increases of 13 percent.  This increased reading speed allows students to enter the test feeling calm and confident.

If you are done with school and you want to up your reading speed so you can get through the New York Times and trade journals like it’s no one’s business then MindFlow is for you too.

The CEO and founder of Test Prep New York/San Francisco, Sapir holds a Masters degree in Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. She also has a MA in Art History and a BFA, both from the University of Michigan. She is certified in NLP, Integrated Life Coaching and Hypnotism and is a published author. Sapir lectures and teaches in the U.S. and abroad and has been an adjunct professor at Montclair State University. Her first test preparation book, Full Potential GMAT, will be in stores this spring.

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