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Sunday, February 13, 2011 Students flooded with tools to ready for college exams. Click here

Admit One: Vault’s MBA, Law School and College Blog (January 6, 2011)

Test Anxiety is Real, Crippling and Treatable–An Interview with Bara Sapir
Bara Sapir, Founder/Executive Director of Test Prep New York, heads the only educational company to integrate what she calls holistic human potential techniques with traditional test prep methods This helps students who suffer from test anxiety increase their standardized test scores, as well as their grades, and beyond. She was kind enough to answer some questions on what test anxiety is, its causes, and the different ways to treat it for here.

The Consortium (September 2010)

Five Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety TPNY, a leader in helping students to banish anxiety provided this article for The CONSORTIUM.

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Portal and

MBA Podcaster

MBABlog Talk Radio with Ann Levine LAW SCHOOL EXPERT (2009)
Podcast: Last minute Tips for LSAT Test Takers (click to listen)


The New York Enterprise

Tales of Team Building
October 2008

The Commentator

New MCAT Prep Course Tailored to YC Students
April 7 , 2008

Women’s World

Is Anxiety Getting in Your Way?
December 4 – 11 , 2007

CNN online
Beating the GMAT* one Yoga Pose at a Time
with Nadira Hira
September 21 , 2007

Lime Satellite Radio

Get Happy….Dammit! with Karen Salmanson
May 10, 2007…podcast available soon

Wedding Podcast Network

Interview with Holli Ehrlich
Winter 2007
listen here

Positive Thinking Magazine

The Power of Intuition Jessica C. Kraft
November 2006


Secrets to Acing the SAT
May 2006
pages 119-120

Cosmogirl sought Bara Sapir, an innovator of hybrid-process test preparation, for advice for combating test anxiety…read more

Next Step Magazine

The New SAT Critical Reading Test
March 2005
By Renée Euchner
read here


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