Testimonials from Students and Colleagues

“After thirty one years in the secondary classroom, watching the anxiety and stress levels faced by test takers, I was incredibly impressed by the fantastic program that TPNY has put together. Although I am now working as a Hypnotist, I was utterly amazed at the talent, precision, intelligence, and brilliance of Bara Sapir’s program and only wished for the opportunity to bring it into my former classroom. Her ability alone is an asset and a motivational tool for teachers, hypnotists, students, and anyone else who has the privilege of sitting at her feet. The perfect blend of all of her education and her professionalism make this an intriguing program that deserves a closer look from anyone wishing to improve test taking results. I’m almost jealous of those still taking tests who have the chance to use this unique and fascinating method to relieve stress and anxiety.”
Barbara A. Blinn, MA, CH Educational Consultant

“Bara Sapir has a revolutionary approach to the “testing dementia.” If you suffer from test anxiety and it is affecting your performance, there is no better solution than TPNY’s relaxation and confidence-building methodology.”
Hashim Bello, Bell Curves Educational Services

“As an educational consultant for the past 15 years, I can say without hesitation that Forster-Thomas/EssaySolutions chooses TPNY as its preferred partner in private test-prep tutoring for one reason: the revolutionary, out-of-the-box context from which Bara Sapir has designed her transformational test-prep methodology. Hers is the only company that focuses equally on skills-building and what matters most–the who-you-are aspect of one’s ability to gain mastery over the necessary skills for full and total success in the game of standardized testing. Bara Sapir acknowledges that your psyche is as important, if not more important, than your ability to master the material or gimmicky test-taking techniques.”
Evan Forster, Founder, Forester-Thomas/EssaySolutions

“Bara Sapir and the Test Prep NY team are a singular resource. No other test prep service comes close to TPNY’s success and client satisfaction. In over a decade of advising MBA applicants, my clients have—across the board—raved about TPNY’s services, philosophy and staff. More importantly, the clients I share with TPNY have the test numbers to prove their effectiveness.”
Mark Meyerrose, Founder, Meyerrose Consulting, LLC

“TPNY will help you in ways you never thought possible. Signing up is the best investment you’ll ever make. You wont regret it for a moment.”
Daniel, Toys R’Us Corporate, New York

“TPNY was originally recommended to me by an admissions consultant, but I was very hesitant to proceed early on. It wasn’t until my debacle of a 2nd GMAT that I was desperate enough to try anything! I knew the concepts cold and was very confident in my ability to do well but I just couldn’t get over my test-day anxiety. I finally engaged Bara a week before my retake, which was one month after my first test. My performance was like night and day. I improved 80 points and finally became competitive. During the test, I used TPNY’s technique to “bring myself down” and it worked as it should. If I could go back in time and do something different, I would have engaged TPNY early on during my prep and before I ever took my first test, so I wouldn’t have had to take it three times.”
A.G., JP Morgan Chase , New York

“Bara’s unique approach helped me open up and feel comfortable with the GMAT*. She changed my attitude in attacking my problem areas, which refined my approach and strategy. As a result, not only did I relax, but after a couple of months my score improved dramatically and I exceeded my desired goals.”
Brian, Associate – Capital Markets, Citigroup, 
New York University

“Overall I felt that the TPNY preparation was world-class and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I had heard that they set the standard for standardized test preparation and they not only lived up to, but exceeded, that reputation. Their techniques, with respect to all aspects of preparation – both tangible and psychological, were what directly enabled me to achieve an excellent score on the GMAT and ultimately be admitted to a top MBA program. But beyond just the preparation itself, I very much enjoyed meeting and working with the people who make TPNY as good as it is. Specifically, it was a pleasure to work with Bara, Bob, and Karen, as they are consummate professionals and true subject matter experts in their respective fields. Just having the opportunity to personally interact with them and tap into their love for, and expertise in, their fields of study was inspiring. This one-on-one attention was not only indispensible to my success on the GMAT, but was a highly memorable life experience in and of itself.”
Ron, University of Chicago

“Bara and her team were the best thing that could have happened to me! They were able to take me to a place of calmness, focus, and motivation. I will forever use the skills I learned and apply them to other areas of my life. Thank you TPNY for supporting my dream and helping it become a reality. You truly had an inspiring approach and your program has transformed my life and opened opportunities for me! Since my score was the only thing holding me back from school, my 100-point increase after only a few hours of tutoring and coaching with you made the difference between being accepted and needing to chart a new course! Thank you!”
— Marian, Manager, Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center, George Washington University

“I was beyond satisfied with Test Prep NY. I took a Manhattan GMAT course before I found TPNY and wish I just started with them from the beginning. The test prep resources TPNY uses were much better than the MGMAT materials I started with and her relaxation and anxiety techniques really work.

Bara and her staff are awesome and the best way to describe them is to say they are extremely dedicated and provide a huge source of encouragement and motivation. I live in New York and she was visiting some clients out in California the day before my exam and had a back-to-back schedule. She made it a point to make time to work with me before I took my test because she knew how important this was to me. She awoke up at 4am PST to call me, and coach me right before I went to the test center. I’ve never met anyone so dedicated and so genuinely invested in her clients. She taught me great relaxation tips that I still use today when I need to de-stress. Most important, I earned the score I was aiming for by improving 170 points with TPNY!”
Grace, American Express

“For my GMAT prep last year, I used, unsuccessfully, Kaplan, and then an outfit called TestPrepNY. TestPrepNY is a 1-on-1 tutoring environment that was so much better than Kapla, it’s almost silly. My score went up 80 points from where it was after Kaplan. Also, several of my friends have found similar success with her. Interestingly enough, they were largely Kaplan and Manhattan GMAT exiles as well.”
Tommy, Finance

“I have never realized my full potential, always scoring lower on actual exams than on practice exams. Then, after working with Test Prep New York and the Full Potential CD audio program, I was able to gain the confidence, focus, and skills sets to increase my score. I found disc 1 most helpful; using the techniques and visualizations, I was able to walk into the exam relaxed, focused, and confident! Now, I was skeptical that a CD would be able to make inroads over years of test taking anxiety – but I stand corrected! The CD was a professional and well-organized tool that serves as a great addition to the amazing teaching staff. Taking the time to focus on the audio program, I believe, made all the difference; and I thank you for it! Again, thank you for all your help and support. It’s been a long road, but I think I’ve made it.”
Andrew, New York Stock Exchange, Emory

“I learned to mentally prepare before any challenging experience, not JUST the LSAT…and I learned that taking the exam is not about the LSAT…it’s about me. Thank you, TPNY, I’m relieved I found you.”
Rachel, New York University

“I chose to work with TPNY because I needed a good score, had to increase my focus, and stop procrastinating. I lacked shortcuts to get to the right/best answers. Not only did I learn to relax and cease being harsh on myself, but I also learned methods to quickly and efficiently answer the questions. Prior to TPNY I got a 153 on my test (LSAT). With TPNY’s help and guidance I scored a 169. I don’t think I could have done so well without Bara and TPNY. This is a great program for anyone looking to improve their scores and maximize their potential.”
Tatyana, Boston University

“The GMAT tests not only the mind, but also the spirit. Bara trains for both aspects of the test in a way no other test prep can. Prior to TestPrepNY, I took a ten-week, twice-a-week prep class – twice. They
focused countless hours on re-learning the four-years of high school math and grammar from scratch. Bara is radically different. She is an expert in identifying test-related anxieties and works to resolve them through a combination of increasing knowledge, building confidence, and inspiring excellence. She’s like having a teacher, a therapist, and a cheerleader, all in one. Thanks Bara!”
Tim, Marketing Manager – Planned Parenthood Federation of America, University of Michigan

“I found out about Test Prep from my admissions consultant and it was the best recommendation I received throughout my application process. I worked with Bara by phone from California and then arranged to meet her in person on a couple of different occasions. She tutored me exclusively in quant and her online materials far exceeded another – more high-profile – company’s texts. She provided me with technical coaching and addressed my test-anxiety issues by teaching me techniques to help me stay calm. My quant score increased significantly after working with Bara – I know this improvement helped my application to Stern where I was accepted! My only regret is that I signed up for that OTHER company instead of working with Bara right from the beginning. She’s worth the investment!”
Debbie, New York University

“Working with Bara was one the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve not only increased my GMAT score, but I have learned things from Bara that I can apply to other parts of my life. For example, effective stress management and being more in tune with myself…. I just got a phone call from the Darden admissions committee. I GOT IN! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for all your help!”
Lucille, Tuck

“I got into UCLA, UC Irvine, Fordham, IESE Barcelona, but drumroll… I decided not to go to those schools but the school I will be attending this fall… London Business School!!! I am super excited at this big change. I couldn’t have done it without your GMAT help. Went from borderline applicant to strong applicant right away and it was worth all the effort. You will always hold a deep spot in my heart for helping me get calmed down for that silly exam and being a key step in my future steps at business school! WOO-HOO!”
Christian, London Business School

“Working with Bara was the perfect preparation for the GMAT. Her program helped me walk into the GMAT test center in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind. I knew I was capable of scoring (marks) high based on past practice exams but was pleasantly surprised on how well she prepared me for the real thing. Bara is the only one in the business that not only teaches how to master the material but also how to prepare your body and mind for the actual stress of test day. I would recommend her to anyone looking to master the test. She will show you the way!”
Bruce, political finance director for Presidential candidate, Wharton School of Business

“My b-school application process will come to a close later this week and I cannot tell you how proud I am with being able to apply with a 680 rather than a 560. I credit you for helping me, as your website says, reach my full potential. You did not raise my score 120 points; I did. And I’m very proud of that. But you did give me the tools and techniques to overcome a challenge and to soar.”

“Save time, go with a private tutor. Its a bit more expensive but it will save you a ton of study time. I strongly suggest Test Prep New York. 
She has solid materials, online work, and is great to work with. I did Manhattan GMAT and wasn’t too impressed and really felt that TPNY tutoring covered a lot of ground and really honed in on weak spots.”

“Making the decision to work with Bara and Test Prep New York was easily the smartest move I made when preparing for the GMAT. I credit the highly personalized sessions, which focused on my areas of need and my mental approach to the test, with the dramatic improvement in my scores. Thanks, Bara!”
Christopher, Associate – Investment Banking, Citigroup

“After studying with the larger test prep programs and taking the GMAT three times with continued disappointing results, I contacted TPNY. After only 4 hours of the “Winning Mindset ” program I gained confidence, learned to channel my energy and mental state into a positive zone, eliminated anxiety, and was completely relaxed and prepared on test day. Most important, my score increased by 80 points. I highly recommend Test Prep New York/Bara Sapir to anyone who really wants to reach their potential and get the score they need.”
— Ken, Nonprofit Marketer-Consultant, Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies; Co-Director/Founder, Birthright Israel Alumni Association
, New York University

“TPNY’s approach to the GMAT emphasizes both the technical and mental preparedness skills needed to achieve your GMAT goal. In addition, Bara is truly dedicated to her students and takes pride in their great GMAT results. Whether you spend 2 hours or 20 hours with Bara, she will have a positive impact on your GMAT experience.”
Jesse, Associate – Citigroup Alternative Investments

“I was stuck at a relatively high LSAT score but needed the few extra points to get into one of the top rated schools… The Kaplan course couldn’t get me over the hump at all. At the end of only five hours with Bara, I got a 171 – 99th percentile!”
Tina, Analyst

“Bara Sapir’s tutoring is more then just pedagogical, but (is) a movement in art and mind. My scores were already high and I had reached a plateau in my quantitative score of 730. You know, I really am not a big believer in this alternative zen/meditation kind of stuff… but Bara made me realize my need to relax and empty my mind. It worked!… I am going to call ETS today just to confirm… an 800! I definitely recommend Bara and Test Prep New York to anyone taking a standardized exam.”
Won, Carnegie Mellon Graduate School

“Focus, Fearlessness, & Fight: Three integral test taking qualities Bara Sapir at Test Prep New York instilled in me during our work together. I improved my GMAT score from a 620 to a 680 within a month… and this is after another test prep course! If you are looking for quality in test prep, look no further.”
Joseph, London School of Economics

“From the first moment I contacted her, Bara was great. She responded immediately to my inquiry and had me doing practice tests before any other tutors even responded to me. During the course of my review, Bara was always available to answer questions, and she was very accommodating when scheduling my one-on-one review sessions. She has access to seemingly unlimited study materials and we focused on exactly what I needed to improve. By the time I took the GMAT, I was confident and relaxed, which was a significant change from the first time I took the test after studying with Kaplan materials. The results were also significantly better. Thank you, Bara.”
Keirn, Associate – Venture Capital Firm

“Working with Bara/TPNY is the best thing you can do towards making sure you will enroll into your program of choice. I improved my score about 200 points. The great thing about working with Bara was addressing my issues and not anyone else’s. Bara understands where my issue originated – and then we worked on it. On a more personal note, I’m not sure if you ever met Bara, but she has a great personality; which makes a difficult learning experience more enjoyable and painless… I can go on and on, but the bottom line is that if you are committed to get an MBA, Bara and Test Prep New York is the way to go.”
Tal, New York University Executive Program

“Taking the GREs is a nerve-wracking experience. Bara, an experienced tutor, creates a comfortable learning environment, and a comprehensive package of books, worksheets, and practice exams. With such attention and attentiveness to detail, my stress was soon gone. For me, the math part was the scariest — Bara clearly explained the problems in ways I wish my high school math teacher had! I definitely recommend her as a tutor!
Esther, Teachers College

With a limited amount of time to improve my score — about a month — Bara taught me the ease in solving problems in a straightforward way. My favorite thing was the one-on-one access I had with her and our moving at my own speed. Plus, she followed up with me the week before the test and the weeks after. I am lucky to have chosen Bara as my tutor.”
Matt, New York Law

“My actual GMAT results were dramatically lower than all of my practice tests even after a Princeton Review course. After working with Bara I learned techniques that not only improved my focus and concentration and eliminated test day anxiety, but also afforded me an easy 60-point increase in my scores. I would highly recommend Test Prep New York/Bara to anyone.”
Richard, Columbia University

“I’m always willing to share with prospective students my experiences with TPNY, especially since it’s critical to find the right person and/or service to hire for test preparation. About three years ago, I found TPNY through an online search. I had worked with Veritas previously (in fact, I attended the course a second time to get back up to speed to retake the GMAT) but I had hit a ceiling with them. For the most part, Veritas is a classroom-based repetition model, which I think can be very effective. That said, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach and I realized that I needed to target certain areas; I needed to break through that ceiling. TPNY not only coaches you in problem-solving methods, but also test-taking ones. She has an expansive toolkit and they are willing to work with you to find out which ones work best. If you need more permutation drills, TPNY has them. If you need a trick to understand inferences on the reading section, they have them. If you need relaxation techniques, she has them. For me, my tutor zeroed in on a certain type of math problem and then worked on building my skills trying multiple techniques, while also building my confidence in using these techniques. Looking back, I wish I had gone to TPNY first. They could have provided everything that Veritas provided and also helped me break through that ceiling. Also, all along the way they would have worked on my test-taking confidence. There’s something about a competitive test preparation environment that is counterproductive to learning. Sure, it provides motivation in the beginning but when you need to concentrate on the “problem areas”, competition doesn’t help. Save the competition for the classroom or the job search, after you get into business school. And TPNY will help you get there. 
For the record, I started with TPNY at an official 670 and then went to a 710. I only took the test twice.”
Johnson, University of Michigan

“Having taken an extended break from Math, I was a little apprehensive
about the GMAT’s math section. Bara crafted a program based on my needs that gave me the skills and confidence I needed to succeed. With Bara’s help, my score improved dramatically and as a result, I became a more attractive candidate to top business schools. And I’m going to UCLA this fall! I highly recommend Bara’s services to future GMAT test takers. — Tom, Grey Advertising, UCLA
methods. She also dealt with my stress — which I was apprehensive about at first — but I just took the GMAT again and got a 750! Now I’m applying to the top schools…Bara is THE test prep “IT” girl.”
Nate, JD, UCLA

“Test Prep New York tailored a program to my needs and accommodated my hectic scheduling. I aced the GMAT because of her counsel.”
Suzanne, Museum Administrator

“Working with Bara was an invaluable experience! I had taken a GMAT course with no improvement before working with Bara and I was incredibly stressed and frustrated with the whole process. Bara not only helped me get more comfortable with the test material but also helped me to relax. She incorporated various study methods to develop a customized program just for me. My score went up 120 points and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Bara.”
Hae Seon

“Bara rocks! She’s an incredibly methodic and detail-oriented tutor, one who’s mastered the material and constraints of the test and presents both in a clear and comprehensive way. She clearly breaks down the set of problems to expect, the most effective way to tackle each type of problem, and the tricks and pit-falls to look out for and avoid. For each problem type, she explains both the standard way of solving the problem and how to solve it under time pressure, which I found, when taking the test, to be very key. Her personal attention was critical in helping to identify my weak areas and focusing my effort on these. She was also very flexible and accommodating, going way beyond the norm by meeting me at unorthodox (sometimes really late) hours because my schedule was so busy and timelines so short. She helped me achieve a focus and level of comfort around the test that was critical in my taking of it. As a testament to her tutoring, after three week’s worth of study, I scored 300 points higher on the math section than when I started.”
Anna, Columbia University

“I am a currently a graduate student who recently returned to academics after ten years. Much has changed in education over that time. That along with working full time and a long history of test taking anxiety left me worried about my performance returning to school. Writing papers, and even doing power point presentations has always been easy for me compared to taking exams. I am a good student. I read and comprehend assignments, but my mind just blanks while taking exams. The Full Potential audio series taught me how to focus my mind and relax while taking exams, and my GPA is 3.80. The proof is in the pudding. I can’t thank Ms. Sapir and TPNY enough for her program.”
Sandi, Nurse Practitioner student

“I highly recommend the test prep approach of TPNY. I had heard from other parents that the large, commercial test-prep classes often weren’t that effective or relevant. The TPNY tutor that worked with our daughter was a perfect fit – smart, funny, relaxed, and able to put the whole testing “game” and question formats into perspective. The one-on-one sessions focused on her specific needs and the homework reinforced content areas she needed to practice. Our daughter was prepared for the test day, knew what to expect, and her scores took a big jump up from her PSATs. When she retook the SATs in her senior year, her scores went up even more, so I know she continued to apply the lessons she learned from TPNY.”
Parent of Hunter College High School student

“When it was time to prepare for college entrance exams, we wanted to give our son an edge and knew that he would not benefit from an “off the shelf” test course solution. He is very bright, played on two varsity teams, and would not be interested in preparing for months on end for the SATs and subject tests. Test Prep New York was the perfect choice for us. They hand-picked a wonderful tutor who was the perfect match for Jon. Scott motivated my son to really get into the work for a concentrated eight-week period. Scott just honed in on the areas that Jon needed to strengthen and his performance went up dramatically. He did not waste any time preparing Jon in areas that he already knew. In fact, Jon was so inspired that we saw positive results in his course work as well. The story has a thrilling ending; Jon got into the college of his dreams: The University of Wisconsin at Madison. His top test scores also resulted in unsolicited scholarship and honors program invitations from two other top schools. Bara and the Test Prep New York team were the perfect collaboration partner to help our child achieve his full potential and feel confident about himself through a stressful time. They were also so thoughtful and professional, which gave me peace of mind. I recommended them to several other parents who also had positive experiences with their children and Test Prep NY.”
Lisa, Parent of Heschel High School student

“I knew about Bara Sapir for several years before we finally met. Not only is she adept at putting you at ease, she also knows her stuff. Her wealth of knowledge is impressive (she has an incredible compendium of test prep materials and information at her fingertips), yet she doesn’t intimidate or try to overwhelm you. In fact, she helps to demystify the daunting test taking process. I am an MBA admissions coach and a former admissions counselor who unequivocally recommends her to anyone who is angst-ridden about taking ANY standardized test. She’s truly an amazing woman!”
Clauda Sampson, Founder, LEEDS Coaching

“The TPNY Full Potential curriculum and audio series takes you beyond test preparation and into transformational life skills. It is an amazing, comprehensive, and mind blowing program, and should be a part of any and every student’s learning; not only to improve grades, study habits, stress levels, and comprehension, but also to improve the quality of life for all who partake and listen.”
Melissa Tiers, The Center for Integrative Hypnosis

“Having Bara Sapir come and share with our program at WestEd about her testing support program was a delight–at ASDS, we are test makers and test question creators, and many of us don’t have direct contact with our product after it leaves us, or get to see how testing works for students and teachers at the time of testing. Bara’s approach to treating the whole student in the moment of testing, not just preparing their content knowledge, was a welcome opportunity for me personally to remember that my work has a direct impact on the educational success of our young people–really, all people. Just as we strive for higher standards through educational research and development, there is also the work of supporting people to succeed. Thankfully, across the field of education today, with folks like Bara Sapir included, there is hope that we are doing both.”
Anna Hirsch, WestEd