1. You just got a new smart phone or tech gadget. To get started with it, you

2. You’re finally on a vacation to a place you’ve wanted to visit for a long time. While you know the history and culture, you’re unfamiliar with the terrain, the distances between places, and the layout of the towns you’re visiting and you don’t have a GPS. Time is limited. Touring around in your rental car to visit sites do you:

3. You and a friend are going to try cooking a very gourmet recipe for the first time. Do you:

4. You go to a restaurant where the food was not only cold but under cooked …and that was just the beginning. Do you:

5. You’re thinking about buying a new vacuum. You

6. You’ve just heard a great long quote that you are positive will come in handy. To remember it, do you:

7. To prepare a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone else (i.e. Surprise party, Engagement, etc.) would you prefer to:

8. Your friend just gave you the most amazing gift and you’re touched and overwhelmed. You:

9. You just returned from the tropical jungle to find a strange bump on your arm. Do you

10. You’re feeling stressed and anxious about your upcoming exam. To reduce your anxiety, do you:

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