Events & Speaking Engagements

Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder of TPNY/TPSF

Tests don’t only measure what a student knows, tests measure how well a student takes tests. Challenges with timing, anxiety, focus or a lack of confidence can seriously compromise performance when it counts the most. – Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder of TPNY/TPSF

Bara Sapir is an inspirational, highly skilled, and passionate test preparation and high-performance master coach with a specialized expertise in methods that reduce test anxiety, manage stress, improve time management and increase confidence. She is a frequent speaker at local schools, organizations, clubs, companies and wellness centers to discuss stress and the testing, college/graduate school application process, how to optimize performance on high-stakes tests, and how one can achieve a sense of relaxed control to make this endeavor as successful and rewarding as possible for everyone involved.

To set up a talk at your organization, parent group or school, please contact TPNY/TPSF Business Manager, Alan Brown 646-290-7440




TPNY/TPSF customizes all talks and presentations for your audience – – whether it’s students needing alleviation of anxiety and self-esteem boosts, parents who want to learn the best way to support their children, or executives in the workplace wanting to increase productivity and morale.
The following are a sample of talks available.

Stress Talk for Parents – for middle and high school parents

In her Stress Talk for Parents, Sapir  covers the all-important roles of relaxation, confidence, and focus to minimize anxiety and maximize test scores and to aid overall success in academics, work, and life. Among the topics covered will be:

  • THE STRESS/SUCCESS EQUATION:Bara will reveal a few eye-opening facts about impact of stress on test scores and student success.
  • THE MISSING INGREDIENTS IN ACADEMIC AND TEST PREP:She explains why academic preparation is only part of the equation for successful test-taking and college admission
  • THE PRESSURE ON PARENTS:Bara takes an empathetic look at the facts of parental stress, and provides a life-saver technique to help with your anxiety and keep you balanced on the parental tightrope of the college application process.
  • THREE SIMPLE TAKE-AWAY TECHNIQUES:Everyone can do these, easily, to relieve anxiety and maximize success at school and in life.