Ready to Upgrade your academic performance in College, Graduate School, Medical School, Business School and beyond? 

fullpotentialcoverWelcome to the Full Potential Audio Program: College Edition, your solution for getting out of your own way, alleviating anxiety, building confidence, increasing retention and recall, and having a better experience in college on any and all performance you have in school: homework, quizzes, tests, essays and presentations.

Your academic performance is not only a measure what you know – it is a measure how well you show up.

This 5+ hour audio program was created to optimize your performance in school through a variety of holistic and mindful exercises for what is asked of you in your academic career, high stakes tests, and for life. Driven by an original contemporary score and packed with carefully explained exercises, test specific directions, and scientifically proven mental enhancement and mindful techniques, you’ll learn and practice ways to optimize your experience, and score.

For directions on how to best use the Audio program, review the Full Potential Guide

Part 1: Retain and Recall – Learn ways to remember more information and improve recall.