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Please join us to learn about the application process and MCAT exam, and take advantage of the Q&A opportunity at the end of the webinar. Our experts will provide you with the latest information on medical school admissions trends, applications, personal statements, GPAs, extracurriculars, references, interviews, and the all-important MCAT.

Usually on the first Wednesday of each month, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, unless otherwise noted:

Wed, Dec 2, 2015 – 9:00 pm ET

Wed, Jan 6, 2016 – 9:00 pm ET

Wed, Feb 3, 2016 – 9:00 pm ET

Topics covered:

  • Tackle the Medical School Application
    • David Petersam,
  • Understand the Demands of the new MCAT 
    • Dr. Brett Ferdinand, MCAT-Prep & Gold Standard books
  • Best Strategies for the NEW Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) Section for a Top Score
    • Dr. Karen van Hoek of Test Prep New York
  • Remain Calm and Confident While Taking the MCAT
    • Bara Sapir of Test Prep San Francisco



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Our Med School Webinar panel includes:

Bara Sapir, M.A., founder and executive director of Test Prep New York (TPNY), an elite academic tutoring and test-prep company based in Manhattan. She will discuss the stress-success equation, revealing how stress and anxiety can affect your scores, and how you can develop a winning mindset, the missing ingredient in most test prep programs. Sapir, a 20-year veteran of the test-prep industry, will equip you with techniques that will help boost your confidence and keep you balanced on the MCAT tightrope.

Karen van Hoek, Ph.D., also of TPNY, will discuss factors that make the MCAT CARS section unlike any other verbal/reading comprehension test. She will teach you about the mentality of the MCAT CARS section, and how it mirrors some of the more challenging aspects of medical school. Though the kind of reasoning that CARS tests is different from the kind of logic that most medical students are comfortable with, there is method to the madness, which you will learn about during the webinar. You can learn more about TPNY at

Brett Ferdinand, M.D., a former surgeon and creator of the Medical School Preparatory Course, and author of “The Gold Standard,” which provides a complete MCAT science review, proven verbal and writing strategies, and a clear approach to getting into medical school. Since 1987 he has advised medical school applicants. His course was the first to teach both the MCAT and the details of the admissions process. Ferdinand, who was accepted to all the medical schools to which he applied, developed his own techniques for excelling on the MCAT. His multimedia educational program for the MCAT includes books, DVDs, MP3s, flashcards and online practice tests. You can discover more about Ferdinand and his company at

David Petersam, M.B.A., founder and president of AdmissionsConsultants, will provide an overview of the “whole package” of issues that comprise the medical school admissions process, and why top grades and scores aren’t always enough. Since 1996, Petersam has advised thousands of applicants to highly competitive graduate and professional programs. His company’s medical school advisers, which include academic physicians and faculty, have all held senior positions on admissions committees. His company’s website provides free, valuable information on medical school admissions. You can learn more about it at After the webinar concludes, you may decide that you would like personal assistance on your admissions journey. That’s why all three companies have teamed up to provide a special discounts advising and test prep coaching. offers $50 off any of their services, Test Prep New York offers $100 off any tutoring or coaching program and Dr. Brett Ferdinand offers $100 off the Platinum Package or Free Gold Standard Flashcards with any purchase over $50 including their popular practice MCATs. None of these discounts are redeemable for cash. They are not valid in conjunction with another discount offer. Discounts are non-refundable and not for re-sale. One use only. This discount is governed by the Terms of Use found at and


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