Big Hairy Monster Standardized Test … here I come. You bought the book, set aside time to study, and the future looked rosy. That is, until doubt began to creep in and you realize you’re feeling text anxiety. You’re worried that this fear may be more than you can conquer.

What are the keys to success for your upcoming high-stakes test, be it the GMAT, USMLE, or SAT?
Conventional wisdom tells us that if we study hard, high test scores will inevitably follow.


As anyone who has taken an important test knows, the real story is not always so simple.

Yoga for the Mind: Reduce your test anxiety on the GMAT with our meditation exercises and coaching programs.

Hard work alone won’t guarantee success.

Unfortunately, hard work alone is not enough to guarantee your best score. You can spend hours memorizing rules and content but if you don’t master effective test strategies or feel confident you will not achieve your full potential. Effectively utilizing strategies such as hypnosis, meditation, and time management can help turn a good score into a great score. If you lack confidence, you will end up second-guessing your answers, elevating your stress levels, and wasting precious time. In fact, if you go into the test feeling anything but focused and calm, you risk a subpar performance.

Embodying a sense of calm and assuredness is the easiest and most effective thing you can do to boost your score€”and test-taking experience.


Test Prep New York/Test Prep San Francisco will help you achieve the state of mind so crucial to your success.

With a blueprint for peak performance that we call HypnoPrep, we combine content mastery and strategy with skills akin to those used by Olympic athletes and the most gifted artists, we can show you the way.

TPNY/TPSF’s curriculum is designed to activate your whole self and awaken your full potential, heart, mind, and body. You will overcome test anxiety and develop the focus necessary to perform at the top of your game. The material and methods we provide will turn a good test taker into a great test taker, and a decent score into a stellar score. We call this process: Yoga for your mind.

Yoga For Your Mind – Hypnoprep…

Our cohesive protocols are well established in the health and sports psychology fields, but they’re more radical in the field of education. Actually, we know of no other educational test prep company that incorporates these principles. In trial tests, we found that test-takers who applied our learning techniques performed significantly higher than those who did not.

The Hypnoprep system integrates human-potential tools such as neuro-linguistic program­ming, hypnosis, meditation, and guided visualization to help you create the strategies you need to succeed. Check out our Full Potential Audio Course which utilizes these skills or work with us one-on-one  through one of our programs such as MindFlow, our Time Management/Speed Reading Course. Using common-sense wellness practices, like the Emotional Freedom Technique, you will achieve the quiet confidence of a winner. In simple terms, we are to students what sports psychologists are to athletes.

And when our students apply a combination of these learning techniques to their study, they all perform significantly higher than those who did not. 

Yoga for the Mind: Our Manifesto for Helping You to Achieve Your Test-Taking Potential

We embody integrative education: mindful practices which lead you to your top test score. Even if you don’t have a test to prepare for, these skills and methods will help manifest a greater feeling of peace and well being. We teach individuals, in small groups and to large groups. Our methods have a proven track record of success to help you succeed every step along the way.