Test Prep New York/Test Prep San Francisco offers the most comprehensive training available for the PSAT, SAT and ACT. We provide superior tutors, comprehensive material, and an adaptation of the course curriculum to meet every student’s needs.

In addition to teaching the academic material and critical thinking skills necessary for optimal scoring, our approach incorporates valuable focus strategies and confidence-building techniques. Students see results on the test and continue to benefit from these skills throughout their lives.

TPNY recognizes the importance of communication on all levels. We encourage an active dialogue between our staff, students, school administration and most importantly, parents.

Ultimate success will depend on each student’s commitment to session/class attendance, homework completion and willingness to communicate their needs.

For more information on the SAT I and to register for the test, visit the SAT’s official web site: sat.collegeboard.org

For more information on the ACT and to register for the test, visit ACT’s official website: www.act.org

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Full Potential Audio Program

  • Full Potential SAT
  • Full Potential ACT
  • Full Potential GRE
  • Full Potential MCAT
  • Full Potential LSAT
  • Full Potential BAR Exam
  • Full Potential GMAT
  • Full Potential Universal Tests Support
  • Full Potential Study Support High School
  • Full Potential Study Support for College
  • (USMLE, NCLEX, PMP and other certification exams)**

Choose Your Program – $250

Don’t think of the Full Potential CDs as an alternative to content based test prep materials available, with no sample questions to answer, no word lists to memorize and no practice tests to take…think of it as the “ultimate test prep accessory” designed to enhance any content/academic study plan and provide a significant edge to any test taker

Each release in the Full Potential series is a five hour plus audio program, created to optimize test-taking potential by enhancing retention, concentration and confidence for the test and for life.

Driven by an original engaging contemporary score to enhance studying and packaged with carefully explained exercises, and scientifically proven mental enhancement techniques including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming: change one’s perspective with posture and breathing.
  • Guided Visualizations: ignite one’s imagination to hone peak performance.
  • Binaural Beat Technology: accelerates one’s state of calm and alertness through sound frequencies and more.

Each title a commercially packaged 5 CD set, a detailed booklet and a bonus 6th CD – featuring material to be played on the day of the test.

The Full Potential Program covers five key elements to enhance your potential:

CD 1: Retention and Recall

Learn ways to remember more information and improve recall.

CD 2: Focus and Concentration

Accelerate learning and make study time efficient and effective.

CD 3: Build Confidence

Increase your self-esteem to reach your full potential.

CD 4: Meditation and Music

Meet mind-body demands with an energetic tune-up.

CD 5: Relaxation and Focus

Experience ease and focus while studying.

BONUS CD: Reinforce your new skill set and boost your confidence on test day!

Series created by Bara Sapir, MA, CNLP and CHt – Founder and Executive Director of Test Prep New York

Sapir is a pioneer in integrating holistic human potential techniques with traditional test prep methods. In addition to holding two masters degrees, Sapir has certification in hypnosis, Reiki and neuro-linguistic programming.