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GMAT Tutor Customizes Lesson

Test Prep New York/Test Prep San Francisco offers the most comprehensive one-on-one customized training available for the GMAT. Our tutors are among the most sought out in the field, having written GMAT books, holding graduate degrees in topics they teach, and successfully working in the field an average of 12 years. Each tutor has a track record for success, hired because their expertise on the GMAT material and their proven, consistent ability to translate their own success into that of our students. Wherever you live, our GMAT experts are readily available to help you with one-on-one tutoring live via Skype.

The process begins with a snapshot of where the student is at the beginning of their study, through diagnostic GMAT test evaluation which demonstrates a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether tutoring a current college student, graduate or professional, we unpack each student’s needs and offer a rigorous action plan that reflects what the test requires. Students master the essentials of math, reading, logic, and grammar, and employ test-taking strategies for specific questions, as well as for the test as a whole. The Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning sections are approached independently, providing insights, and processes to ensure each student scores their best. Throughout the study program, students engage in timed diagnostic tests, evaluations, homework assignments, and meetings; each of these is focused on the study, learning, integration, application, and refinement of the knowledge gained and methods learned.

Each student is individual and requires a different plan. Yours will depend on your schedule and availability. Some students come to us the week prior to the exam for boot-camp help, other students contact us 6 months ahead of time, wanting a slow but steady course. We can assist these students as well as those in between. In an ideal world, we recommend students devote at least 2-3 months of study to prepare for the GMAT. For comprehensive mastery of material, on average, students devote 160 hours to the process, dominated by self-study.

Since tests are not only about what you know, but about how well you take tests, we ensure that, in addition to teaching content and critical thinking skills necessary for GMAT success, we include valuable techniques for focus and confidence-building. Students benefit from these skills on the test and in life.

Whether you’re struggling with the specific test content, the best methods in strategy, or simply cannot enter the best test-taking mindset, TPNY/TPSF’s private tutoring, coaching, and educational products can help you meet your score goals.

By enrolling in our one-on-one tutoring program, you will:

  • Receive a personalized learning program customized to address your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gain full access to our expert tutors and experienced staff anytime, anywhere—we’ll even come to you. Not in a city where we have tutors? We will work online with you.
  • Learn the core principles of the Full Potential Method, our exclusive and scientifically-proven test-prep relaxation method necessary for test-day.

Whether you want a highly-structured program or to to simply go over ‘Official Guide’ questions, we will adapt to your needs and goals.

To receive an evaluation on your performance, call us at 646-290-6860.

Beyond Test Prep: Who are you taking the test?

Sometimes, hard work alone is not enough for you to score your best on the GMAT. You can spend hours taking diagnostic tests, memorizing grammar and math rules, and implementing test strategies, but if you don’t feel confident when you enter the test center, you may not achieve your full potential. In fact, if you go into the test feeling anything by calm and focused, you risk a subpar performance.

For this reason, we offer three options to inspire best performance on the GMAT. Two to allay Test Anxiety, the other to improve Time Management. These help you maximize your score and minimize your stress. And here’s an industry secret: they are not offered by any other test prep company.

These programs complement any and all study you’ve done to date because their strategy doesn’t conflict with what you’ve learned elsewhere. We’re cool like that.

Test Anxiety Relief (get over it!)

Conventional wisdom tells us that all we need to do is work hard, and highs cores will inevitably follow. Wrong. As anyone who has taken a high-stakes test knows, the real story is not always so simple. Hard work alone i not enough for you to score your best: you can spend hours studying but if you don’t learn effective test stratifies or feel confident on test day, you will likely not achieve our full potential. In fact, if you go into the test feeling anything but calm and focused, you risk a subpar performance.

We offer to options to help with this: Full Potential® coaching and The Full Potential audio program, both include a variety of mindful and holistic modalities to help you perform your best.

The Full Potential technique aligns each student intellectually, physically, and emotionally, increasing confidence and focus while reducing test anxiety and stress. Our programs are based on thoroughly researched human potential techniques, including hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sound therapy, and Reiki. The Full Potential® method upgrades the mind and gives test takers a critical edge, teaching them to develop five core qualities for enhancing their performance: mental retention, recall, concentration/focus, relaxation, and confidence. Our program for personal empowerment can also be customized to complement any study course.

GMAT Full Potential Coaching is one-on-one, in person or online, and is typically 3 – 5 hours. Call or email for see if this is an option for you.

GMAT Full Potential Audio Program.   Our pioneering GMAT Full Potential program is available for home use through  Full Potential audio series subscription.  Here is more than five hours of test-specific audio which includes mindful and holistic, research-supported tools designed to ignite mental, psychological, and intuitive strengths.

Using an original sound score supplemented by guided visualization and affirmations, the audio program’s interactive exercises and carefully explained techniques promote calm and focus. Through the 33+ exercises, we will guide through effective ways to enhance retention, concentration, and confidence when studying for and taking the GMAT. Got anxiety? No problem. We’ll teach you how to eliminate it. Feel like a deer in headlights when you take a high-stakes exam? Bu-Bye! Consider it a part of your past.

This subscription service that you  purchase in month blocks as an ongoing practice up to your test date. Click here for more information.

Time Management
Our MindFlow Speed Reading Workshop helps GMAT students achieve better results by reading more quickly (between 2 – 5x their current reading speed). For more information click here. The workshop is offered in the New York and San Francisco Bay Area, privately online, and soon in an online course.

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Sounds great, but what is it exactly?

The GMAT Full Potential Audio course contains exercises within an original engaging contemporary score, designed by a sound therapist to enhance your studying. It includes scientifically proven mental enhancement techniques to create behavior modification, so you can perform your best. It includes the following techniques and methods:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming: change your perspective with posture and breathing.
  • Guided Visualizations: ignite your imagination to hone peak performance.
  • Sound Healing: a therapeutically designed soundtrack designed to bring your body and mind into deep states of relaxation and focus.
  • Binaural Beat Technology: accelerates your state of calm and alertness through sound frequencies.
  • Hypnosis: techinques to bypass your mind’s critical thinking faculties to establish more focused thinking and perception
  • Mindful and Meditative Practices: ways to direct your mind to be calm and alert

Click here to sample the audio, but if you’re ready to chillax – Sign up below: