The Full Potential GMAT* Scratch Pad

Improve Study and Learning, Maximize Your Score and Stay Calm, Confident and Focused while taking the GMAT.

The Full Potential Scratch Pad optimizes your test-taking potential by providing a template for you to do your work on while also enhancing your mental retention, concentration and relaxation. The study book is designed to emulate the real scratch pad you get in the real test site, however, ours is filled with positive mindset quotes to anchor your positive state while studying, to be the state you gravitate towards when in a real testing situation.

1. This booklet and pen are exact replicas of what is used at the test center…but can be used as well as a tool for positive mindset. The more you can be comfortable with this aparatus, the better.

2. If you are not accustomed to writing notes and solving mathematical questions on a spiral-bound dry-erase board with a dry-erase marker pen, this will get you primed while avoiding some discomforts.

3. The size of the pad is legal size paper. It is available in yellow.

Bonus Information:

1. Test the pens they provide for you at the test center. Dry pens that do not write, and you may end up exchanging them mid-test while the clock is ticking.

2. Close pen cap when not in use.

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Also Available: A perfect companion to your study: The GMAT Full Potential Audio Program:
either the full course version (5+ hours) 36+ exercises/ ($250) or Full Potential: Relax and Focus CD (70 minutes/8+ exercises($50) to enhance your performance and increase your positive mindset .

Full Course

The Full Potential Program covers five key elements to enhance your potential:

CD 1: Retention and Recall
Learn ways to remember more information and improve recall.

CD 2: Focus and Concentration
Accelerate learning and make study time efficient and effective.

CD 3: Build Confidence
Increase your self-esteem to reach your full potential.

CD 4: Meditation and Music
Meet mind-body demands with an energetic tune-up.

CD 5: Relaxation and Focus
Experience ease and focus while studying.

BONUS CD: Reinforce your new skill set and boost your confidence on   test day!

Supplement your program by working with our tutors and coaches.

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