This is a comprehensive manual/workbook covering GMAT Sentence Correction questions. It begins with a section devoted to training students how to master ones psychological preparedness for taking high stakes tests, and the GMAT specifically. It is followed by in-depth coverage with practice, for success with Sentence Correction questions.

The Full Potential GMAT Sentence Correction Intensive
is the most advanced study aid available for sentence correction to date.

We have combined the most detailed review of Sentence Correction questions, necessary for students aiming to score 700+. It is only focused on what students will see on the GMAT, based on extensive research of real GMAT questions. The book includes an infrastructure to master the content: more than 200 examples illustrating key grammar rules and hundreds of practice questions to build mastery of concepts.

It is designed to benefit both native English speakers and the needs of students for whom English is a second language – – the first book ever to specifically do this for GMAT Verbal mastery.

It is revolutionary to the field of test preparation study aids, training students to master content while improving their test-taking potential. Students become personally empowered in the process of preparing for this test, through a variety of transferable skills, useful in everyday life challenges.

Students learn to reduce test anxiety and banish self-limiting beliefs while incorporating methods to improve retention, recall and focus.

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Learn how to embody techniques to stay calm and confident.