Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) (formerly Verbal Reasoning) has the lowest mean score of any subsection. It’s universally considered the hardest score to improve upon.  While the MCAT CARS section is by far the most challenging verbal section on any high-stakes standardized test, you can improve your chance of success immensely—if you’ll let us help. Through very clear and focused strategies, we’ll help you wrestle the CARS beast into submission.

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Unlike other test prep companies who recycle reading comprehension curriculum from tests other than the MCAT, we recognize that the MCAT CARS section is NOT a reading comprehension test. Rather, it evaluates whether you have the intuitive ability and potential to recognize, diagnose, and prescribe to a patient.

We have the sheer expertise over every other option in the MCAT test prep market place.

We have been teaching this section of the MCAT for almost a decade. It’s why our students consistently improve their scores by 2 – 6 points. And you can too!

“The tools I learned from TPNY/TPSF were effective because they gave me a plan for how to attack the verbal passages…how to read each passage smoothly, answer each question based on the facts from the passage, and keep moving without getting overwhelmed or anxious. I went up 4 points in a relatively short time!”  – Casey M.

Our students get the best score improvements in the industry. Consistently.


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“I acquired confidence that I can successfully tackle the most challenging part of the MCAT! I honestly didn’t know if I would ever score well on the verbal section of the MCAT, but TPNY made it a reality by giving me a disciplined study schedule and unique mental tools to keep me calm and confident. Test Prep New York is a huge reason why I am now in medical school! I could not have nailed the MCAT without them!” -Kayla S.

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