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REplace with MCAT

The Full Potential Program covers these five key elements to enhance your potential:

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Part 1:Retention and Recall – Learn ways to remember more information and improve recall.

Retention and Recall 1

Retention and Recall 2

Retention and Recall 3

Retention and Recall 4

Retention and Recall 5

Retention and Recall 6

Retention and Recall 7

Retention and Recall 8

Retention and Recall 9

Part 2: Focus and Concentration – Accelerate learning and make study time efficient and effective.
Focus and Concentration 1

Focus and Concentration 2

Focus and Concentration 3

Focus and Concentration 4

Focus and Concentration 5

Focus and Concentration 6

Focus and Concentration 7

Focus and Concentration 8

Focus and Concentration 9

Focus and Concentration 10

Focus and Concentration 11

Focus and Concentration 12

Focus and Concentration 13

Part 3: Build Confidence – Increase your self-esteem to reach your full potential.

Build Confidence 1

Build Confidence 2

Build Confidence 3

Build Confidence 4

Build Confidence 5

Build Confidence 6

Build Confidence 7

Build Confidence 8

Build Confidence 9

Build Confidence 10

Build Confidence 11

Build Confidence 12

Build Confidence 13

Build Confidence 14

Build Confidence 15

Part 4: Meditation and Music – Meet mind-body demands with an energetic tune-up.
Meditation and Music 1

Meditation and Music 2

Meditation and Music 3

Meditation and Music 4

Meditation and Music 5

Part 5: Relaxation and Focus – Experience ease and focus while studying.
Relaxation and Focus 1

Relaxation and Focus 2

BONUS Tracks: Reinforce your new skill set and boost your confidence on test day!
Bonus Track 1

Bonus Track 2

Bonus Track 3

Bonus Track 4

Bonus Track 5

Bonus Track 6