The MCAT is the most important and easily improved upon component of your medical school candidacy.

Our prescription for MCAT success is a partnership between you and our high-scoring and effective tutors who ensure that in your MCAT test prep, you master content, understand MCAT test-taking strategy and learn to enter the exam calm and confident. Wherever you live, our MCAT Sciences and CARS experts are readily available to help you with one-on-one tutoring live via Skype.

While all our tutors have scored in the top percentiles on the MCAT, your score isn’t dependent on their success: rather, each of our tutors has a track record of translating their own success into that of our students. You will receive the following when working with us:

Comprehensive Customized Approach
Test Prep ensures you master MCAT content, understand test-taking strategy and enter the test focused and confident. While the MCAT is standardized, a one-size-fits-all approach will only get you so far. Our fully customized tutoring action plans designed for your needs, are effective, efficient and will help you attain your goal score.

Optimized Materials & Resources
To master material, students need a system to learn, practice and integrate material. Students must become familiar with how the AAMC test writers create question sets, so we emphasize use of AAMC material along with proprietary material and some other material readily available. The best way to improve your CARS score is through use of our workbook, the most compatible material available emulating the real test available.

Qualifying Evaluations
Our MCAT experts evaluate your diagnostic tests yet we both gauge if your knowledge, stamina, confidence and MCAT-readiness is steadily increasing, and if not what we need to do to adapt your efforts. Moving forward together, we continually refine your strategies and increase your speed, to improve your performance.

Specialized CARS Support
The most challenging part of the MCAT for pre-med/post bacc students is the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section. We offer a comprehensive treatment of  MCAT CARS section, customized to the needs of each student. While many companies offer a one-size template-based approach, the most score improvements come from students whose tutoring is tailored to their needs.Our students’ CARS section scores consistently increase an average of 4 points, with a typical increase of 6+ points. “Tricks” such as writing down facts, mapping, taking notes or other shortcuts may help you feel in control, but they are a false sense of security. They don’t work consistently. Our students gain a tool box to effectively move through the essays, questions and answers with competence.

Addressing the Whole Picture
The MCAT doesn’t only measure what you know, it measures how well you take the MCAT. We offer additional support building confidence, increasing focus, improving time management, and eliminating test anxiety. Some students don’t need this at all, some students only need this. TPNY customizes a tutoring and coaching program to meet your needs, goals and schedule.

Tutoring is either online or in person.


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What makes our MCAT CARS Tutoring different?

TPNY students consistently earn the highest score improvements available on CARS section. Our expertise on this section is derived from the research and development we did for a NYC University who commissioned us to create a Verbal Reasoning test prep class. Our head verbal tutor who spear headed the project holds a PhD in Cognitive Linguistics, and is one of the world’s linguistic experts and who has over 14 years’ experience in test preparation tutoring. We taught this course on campus, then took this ground-breaking material and applied it to our tutoring.

We teach you how to master the difficult and confusing MCAT CARS material, from understanding complex sentences and paragraphs to navigating the twists and turns of a difficult-to-follow argument.

We’ve analyzed the factors that make MCAT questions so challenging, and we teach our students the skills they need to handle them:

  • Grappling with questions that require you to reason two or three
  • Steps beyond what was stated in the text
  • Dealing with ambiguity and “fuzzy” reasoning
  • Combining analytical thinking and intuition
  • Recognizing important clues to tone and attitude
  • Reading between the lines to grasp the author’s purpose
  • Finding your way through dense, confusing passages
  • Deal with unfamiliar concepts and alien terminology, and
  • How to cope with difficult readings in subject areas you’ve never read about or even heard of before, s
  • All the above to approach the questions effectively

We tackle all the factors that make the texts themselves so challenging:

  • Difficult vocabulary
  • Academic grammar and syntax
  • Paragraphs that are jam packed with ideas
  • Texts that seem to make huge leaps and leave the reader behind
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