On Becoming A Ninja Test Taker

You’ve heard that high school will be the best time of  your life. The Prom. School Plays. Football Games. Homecoming…it’s going to ROCK.

You even know WHAT school you want to attend. But you also know that one of the most important parts of your acceptance is how you score on the SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, SHSAT  etc., and you’re no Test Prep Guru…yet.

The most important test of your life is coming up…

And it’s going to knock your socks off. Big time.

It doesn’t need to be this way!

While the SSAT, ISEE and HSPTs are likely the most challenging high-stakes standardized tests you’ve taken to date, you can improve your chance of success immensely with the proper guidance–which is where we come in.

Through very clear and focused strategies, we’ll help you wrestle these beasts into submission.  We simply offer the best courses and tutoring for you to succeed on this test. How do we know that?

Time and time again, our students exemplify some of the most significant score improvements in the industry.

We’re the only company to combine content and strategy based test prep with what Bay Area folks know works best: the groundwork and guidance of holistic and mindful methods. New Yorkers are in on the secret: now we’re here to spread the gospel. We’re confident we’re offering you comprehensive solutions to manifest your best score because we deal with ALL of you: mental, physical and emotional.

We’re sought after for our white-glove service and results. Our world-class tutors and original prep materials were created with individual idiosyncrasies and longevity in mind. Most of the larger, impersonal test prep brands out there provide one-size-fits-all solutions–Statistically, your score will likely jump initially, but you’ll likely plateau below what you’re really able to achieve.

Whether a class or one-on-one tutoring, we evaluate each students strengths and weaknesses to create a customized action for ultimate success.


Three Heads

It’s no wonder we are brought into top high schools on both coasts to evaluate students and teach classes!

And you can too!

As an educational consultant for the past 15 years, I can say without hesitation that Forster-Thomas/EssaySolutions chooses TPNY as its preferred partner in private test-prep tutoring for one reason: the revolutionary, out-of-the-box context from which Bara Sapir has designed her transformational test-prep methodology. Hers is the only company that focuses equally on skills-building and what matters most–the who-you-are aspect of one’s ability to gain mastery over the necessary skills for full and total success in the game of standardized testing. Bara Sapir acknowledges that your psyche is as important, if not more important, than your ability to master the material or gimmicky test-taking techniques. — Evan Forster, Founder, Forester-Thomas/EssaySolutions

We constantly update our materials to reflect any test changes.  In addition, all students use official materials and our Full Potential Relax and Focus CD, which helps relieve test anxiety and improving focus and confidence.



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