On Becoming A Ninja Test Taker

You’ve heard that high school will be the best time of  your life. The Prom. Homecoming. School Plays. Finally feeling a little more grown up. Little responsibility except doing your homework and having fun, football games, homecoming…it’s going to ROCK.

You even know WHAT school you want to attend, however, even though you’re sure you’ve got it all in the bag, you can’t quite shake the reality that one of the most important parts of your acceptance is how you score on the SAT or ACT and you’re no Test Prep Guru (yet).

The most important test of your life is coming up…

And it’s going to knock your socks off. Big time.

Maybe you’re different. Maybe you’re comfortable sitting in a big cafeteria or testing center with everyone you grew up with.  A real ‘multiple choice’ geek who never had an issue filling in the bubbles and producing an award winning essay – –

in fact – – you can do this for hours. For everyone else hoping to get into high school, you simply aren’t prepared for the reality of one of the most high stress test-taking experiences known to humankind.


If you take this test with little or sub-par prep—how low will you score? We both know a low score on this test may be all that keeps you from your dream high school experience (and PROM!)

It doesn’t need to be this way!

While the SSAT, ISEE and HSPTs are by far the most challenging high-stakes standardized tests you’ve likely taken to date, you can improve your chance of success immensely—if you’ll let us help.

Through very clear and focused strategies, we’ll help you wrestle these beasts into submission.  We simply offer the best courses and tutoring for you to succeed on this test. How do we know that?

Our students earn among the best score improvements in the industry. Consistently.

We’re the new kids on the block in the Bay Area. But we’re the only company that is combining best practices with test prep (content and strategy) with what Bay Area folks knows works best – – the power of manifesting ones best score, with the support and guidance of holistic and mindful methods. New Yorkers are in on the secret: now we’re here to spread the gospel. And we’re confident we’re offering you comprehensive solutions to manifest your best score because we deal with ALL of you: mental, physical and emotional.

You may be saying to yourself, you’ve barely heard of TPNY/TPSF!?! How can you trust us!?! Well, our small but mighty size makes us the David to the industry’s Goliath. We produce top programs because we have the best tutors, create the best materials, and are sought after for our white-glove service and results. We also have chutzpah to not mince words or provide a sub-standard service. You may assume that prep courses at those behemoths are a sure path to a top score. Let us not forget what happens when we “assume.”


Take that path and you’re in for yet another rude awakening. It ain’t going to happen. Statistically, your score will likely jump initially, but you’ll likely plateau below what you’re really able to achieve.

Why is that? The answer is simple. Most of the test prep companies out there simply a one-size-fits all solution. They offer solutions for the MASSES, but you’re an individual, shouldn’t your test prep reflect this as well?

Whether a class or one-on-one tutoring, we evaluate each students strengths and weaknesses to create a customized action for ultimate success.


Three Heads

It’s no wonder we are brought into top high schools on both coasts to evaluate their students and/or teach classes!

And you can too!

As an educational consultant for the past 15 years, I can say without hesitation that Forster-Thomas/EssaySolutions chooses TPNY as its preferred partner in private test-prep tutoring for one reason: the revolutionary, out-of-the-box context from which Bara Sapir has designed her transformational test-prep methodology. Hers is the only company that focuses equally on skills-building and what matters most–the who-you-are aspect of one’s ability to gain mastery over the necessary skills for full and total success in the game of standardized testing. Bara Sapir acknowledges that your psyche is as important, if not more important, than your ability to master the material or gimmicky test-taking techniques. — Evan Forster, Founder, Forester-Thomas/EssaySolutions

Our materials are the most current, and reflect any test changes.  In addition all students use official materials, and our Full Potential Relax and Focus CD, which helps with relieving test anxiety, and improving focus and confidence.



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Here are your opportunities to improve your score

SSAT – A 20 session course.  4 weeks. Taught 5 days a week for 6 hours a day, includes break. 120 hours

Session 1 June17 – July 12
Session 2 July 29 – August 23
Includes: Materials, 3 diagnostic tests, scored and evaluated, TPNY’s Full Potential Audio for Relaxation and Focus.

Investment: $3,100

HSPT – A 5 session course. 1 week. Taught 5 days for 6 hours a day, includes break. 30 hours

Session 1: August 26 – August 30
Includes: Materials, 2 diagnostic tests, scored and evaluated, TPNY’s Full Potential Audio for Relaxation and Focus.

Investment: $800

ISEE – A 10 session course. 2 weeks. Taught 5 days for 4 hours a day, includes break.20 hours

Session 1: July 15 – July 26

Materials, 2 diagnostic tests, scored and evaluated, TPNY’s Full Potential Audio for Relaxation and Focus.

Investment: $550 


Individualized Intensive: Private Tutoring is always available, and discounts start with package programs, 10+ hours of learning a day.


ISEE: 3 day course, 18 hours $600

HSPT 2 day course – 12 hours $500

Note: Students not taking the SSAT (but taking the ISEE and HSPT) would need to take the ISEE and HSPT extension or full course, as the hybrid extension for these two tests without SSAT training is not possible.

This summer, we are excited to feature TPSF tutor, Laila Kamaruddin and for MindFlowTM, TPSF CEO/Founder, Bara Sapir, MA. Bios follow:

Laila’s appreciation and passion for learning and teaching came at an early age.  Teaching Saturday play school activities at the age of 12, she had her first TA position at her British Secondary School by 15, and began teaching English and Math through cartooning at 18.  Her academic excellence can be seen in that she began programming at 11, studied artificial intelligence at 16, 10 GCSE’s, 4 A’ Levels.  A very extensive BA and double Masters’ degrees (which she completed simultaneously in 2.5yrs with a GPA of 3.93) include an MBA in marketing and management, and an MIT in Applications development, and several certifications.  Currently she tutors and teaches over 63 subjects, high-stakes standardized tests, and study skills.  Her secret is her aggressive desire to learn, and having a highly skilled memory system does provide a great tool.  She uses visual cues, technological mediums, and traditional learning methods in order to provide the best possible results.  For TPSF, she works with students from K-12, undergrad, and graduate school, from different learning curves including those with ADD and dyslexia.

Bara Sapir, MA founder and executive director of TPNY/TPSF, is a pioneer in holistic test-prep methods, a 20-year veteran of the test-prep business, and a former instructor for The Princeton Review. She is the creator of the Full Potential® program and audio series, and co-author of the upcoming book, Full PotentialTM GMAT, published and nationally distributed by Nova Press. Sapir holds Masters degrees in education from the Jewish Theological Seminary and in art history from the University of Michigan. She also has certifications in hypnosis, Reiki, Integrated Life Coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). She lectures and conducts workshops for students, parents, educators, business people, and creative professionals seeking high-performance results at school, work, and in life. Her expertise has been featured in several magazines, including CNN/Fortune Magazine, Cosmogirl, Next Step, TeenLife, Positive Thinking, The Jewish Forward, and Women’s World. She has appeared on the radio, including programs on National Public Radio (NPR). An industry maverick and trendsetter, she is a sought after consultant about test prep trends, a blogger/writer for TeenLife, AdmissionsConsultants.com, Vault.com, and Stacy Blackman Consulting, among others. Bicoastal, she lives with her rescue pup, Eloise.

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