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USMLE Step 1, 2, 3 / COMLEX Step 1, 2, 3

& NBME, SHELF Exams Test Prep

A Step Forward: Our Approach to the NBME, USMLE, Shelf Exams and the COMLEX.

We offer a new option for students seeking success on the NBME, COMLEX and USMLE Steps.

By pairing students with experienced tutors who have mastered the material and intricacies of the NBME and USMLE, TPNY/TPSF provides the ultimate in individualized tutoring to ensure consistent excellent results.

Wherever you live, our medical exam experts are readily available to help you with one-on-one tutoring live via Skype.

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Pass The NBME

The NBME is used to determine your USMLE passing readiness. To prepare for this, our tutors will:

  • Identify and help you fill any deficiencies in your knowledge base
  • Access and improve your ability to integrate knowledge
  • Determine efficacy in your application of medical knowledge clinically
  • Provide study skills and ways to process vast amounts of medical information
  • Teach you test-specific strategies to manage all the above
  • Employ the best strategy to understand and answer test questions
  • Provide a customized strategy and study plan for a study and knowledge accrual that fits your needs
  • Help you master holistic techniques to feel calm and confident while taking the exam

USMLE, Steps 1, 2, & 3/COMLEX Steps 1, 2, 3

For medical students and doctors who need to pass or excel on the USMLE, TPNY/TPSF’s tutors will:

  • Create a customized strategy and study plan for a test prep experience that fits your personal needs
  • Fill in knowledge areas that are deficient
  • Organize the vast amount of medical information
  • Learn how to make connections between the systems
  • Employ the best strategy to understand and answer test questions
  • Teach you holistic techniques to feel calm and confident while taking the exam

We have dedicated tutors who have extensive experience working with students on the COMLEX exam.


We are a proven leader in one-on-one academic tutoring and test prep, pairing students with dynamic, inspiring educators who can translate their own successes into dramatic improvements for students. We have helped prepare hundreds of students for admission into elite institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford University.

TPNY/TPSF features an impressive track record of students exceeding their target scores, and assisting others to improve their scores into the top percentile. We also provide innovative solutions to help clients overcome test anxiety and other psychological impediments that compromise performance when taking high stakes tests.

TPNY/TPSF offices are located in New York and The Bay Area. In addition, our staff work with students in-person in other select cities and serve students online via distance learning. TPNY has used its experience and success in the field to develop an innovative tutoring program for students taking the USMLE. We provide an alternative to the impersonal and costly approaches currently offered by other test prep companies to students at International Medical Schools.


The USMLE poses one of the greatest obstacles, and also opportunities, for medical students–especially for those studying abroad–to achieve residency success in the US. At Caribbean schools, as the basic science years wind down, students begin to look ahead to their NBME and USMLE preparation. With anxiety abounding, medical students seek out the best route to not only pass, but also achieve a high score.

Options are limited to inconvenient online courses and exorbitantly expensive courses set in remote locations, which deprive students of opportunities to direct their own study. Both approaches to the USMLE lack the personal touch of an individualized and interactive experience with successful instructors.


TPNY/TPSF offers students a balance between comprehensive class-intensive courses and self-directed study. We have carefully selected and trained current 4th year medical students from both top US Medical Schools and St. George’s University, a perennial leader in International Medical Education, to serve as our tutors. Most tutors have achieved at least 240/99 on the exam, and for many, their intimate and fresh knowledge of the material and exam itself provides an invaluable combination of teaching and insight to the USMLE’s challenges. Other tutors have been working as staff at Medical schools working on USMLE and related subjects.


Each session will include a personalized combination of didactic teaching, practice questions and a discussion of specific test-taking strategies. We will also include diagnostic testing, teaching to each student’s learning style and finding solutions to individual struggles. This combination will optimize the student’s time with the tutor, and also outline the student’s preparation for subsequent sessions. The duration and packaged number of sessions will be dictated by each student’s unique preferences and test-prep needs.

In essence, TPNY/TPSF offers an alternative to students who seek a balance between an intensive prep-course and purely self-directed study.

TUTOR BIOS – some bios of some of our NBME/USMLE/COMLEX experts

Study with us means that you’ll be paired with top scoring tutors, results-oriented experts hand-picked for their ability to translate their own test-taking success into teaching others how to achieve their highest score. Tutors will carefully craft a personalized approach and detailed study plan tailored to each student’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. The tutors’ breadth of experience with the material, practice exams and success on the NBME/USMLE will allow them to guide those preparing for the exam(s) in a way that maximizes their potential.

By being matched with tutors who are much like themselves, but who also have proven NBME and USMLE success, excellent training and tutoring experience, students will find the test-prep experience that fits their own personal needs and offers them the opportunity to achieve their best results!

Want to learn more about our Tutors?

Test Prep New York offers the highest quality instruction by matching our clients with only the most experienced and knowledgeable tutors. TPNY tutors are results-oriented and invested in improving students scores and knowledge base.

BJ is a 4th year medical student at SGU. He took his boards less than 4 months ago and scored in the 99th percentile on both step 1 and step 2. He is applying for residency in Internal Medicine and has interviewed at some of the most reputable programs in the country. He majored in Biology at Loyola University Chicago where he tutored science majors for 2 years. BJ also got his masters in Public Health before starting medical school. At medical school, he has continuously ranked in the top 5% of his class and has tutored pathology and microbiology during his second year at medical school. He has worked as part of research team on a multinational clinical research project that investigated the cardiovascular safety profile of a DPP4 anti-diabetic medication. BJ is fluent in 5 languages and his interests range from being a devoted soccer player and fan to serving on international committees involved in defending human and children’s rights worldwide. BJ knows, first-hand, that standardized exams can be very intimidating, but with simple guidance and a lot of discipline, anyone can reach the score they want.

Christian is an emergency medicine resident in the Midwest United States. He obtained his medical degree (MD) from George Washington University and an undergraduate degree in Human Physiology from Vanderbilt University. He enjoys teaching and mentoring and has served in several training roles throughout his medical career thus far. With respect to success on standardized exams, such as the USMLE Step exams, Christian believes strongly in the importance of active learning and identifying knowledge gaps while studying, which is where a good tutor becomes essential. His studying philosophy earned him 242 on his own USMLE Step 1 exam, and 267 on Step 2. His clinical interests include resuscitation, diagnostic heuristics, and EMS. When not working clinically, he serves as Assistant Medical Director for a local EMS agency and provides regular Continuing Medical Education Lectures. He also has extensive experience in mentoring and small group training within various EMS agencies.

Dean graduated cum laude from Harvard College with a degree in Biochemical Sciences. Following graduation, he spent a few years researching in a neuropharmacology laboratory at University of California, Irvine before continuing on to medical school. Now, Dean is a 4th year medical student in the New York/New Jersey area. Throughout his educational career from college to medical school, Dean has served as a course facilitator, personal tutor and review session leader. Having scored extremely well on Step 1 (260+/99), Dean now leverages his own experiences into helping other medical students reach and exceed their academic goals through peer tutoring and USMLE prep.

Mike: Upon obtaining a bachelor’s in Biology in just three years, Mike took a few years off to prepare himself for medical school. While working various part time jobs to support himself, he conducted clinical research, got his EMT certification and volunteered on an ambulance, and made rounds at the hospital as a patient advocate. His work experience includes photography, personal training, and tutoring for tests and subjects ranging from middle-school to graduate level. After starting medical school, Mike continued to teach by becoming a teaching assistant for the Gross Anatomy course at his institution and he continues to tutor fellow students in all of the first and second year medical subjects at the school’s Center for Academic Support.

Nicholas graduated from SUNY New Paltz, and went on to complete his Premedical Sciences at Columbia University. He has recently completed medical school at American University of Antigua (AUA COM) in November 2015. While at AUA he worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in the Medical Scholars Program where he tutored large groups (20-30 students) in Medical Biochemistry. He also tutored small groups (2-3 students) each week in all of the Basic Science courses (Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Neurology…). While preparing for USMLE Step I, Nicholas would hold tutoring sessions for 2 students who were preparing for their Comprehensive Exams. Both students passed their Comp exam, took and passed USMLE Step I, and now are preparing for USMLE Step 2 Ck.

Nicholas uses the same teaching method he used while preparing for his own USMLE exams. Being a fresh graduate, he understands how important USMLE exams are for attaining residency; also, he understands how it is to be a medical student and implements ways in his teaching to help his students remember the material. His scores for USMLE Step I (240) & USMLE Step 2 Ck (251), are evidence that his methods work and will get you the competitive score you need to attain the residency you want. Nicholas has attained 20+ residency interviews in Internal Medicine for the 2016 Match. He plans to prepare and take USMLE Step 3 prior to starting residency in July 2016.

Samuel was born in Cairo, Egypt and immigrated to the United States at the age of 7. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from The College of New Jersey. Upon graduating, Samuel pursued a Masters degree in Public Health, where he traveled to the West Indies and helped in various community health interventions. Subsequently, he was inducted into Delta Omega Public Health Honors Society for academic excellence as well as leadership qualities. Samuel later pursued a degree in medicine at St. George’s University, where he is a member of the Iota Epsilon Alpha International Honors Society. During his time at SGU, Samuel tutored several immunology sessions for the Department of Educational Services. With a meticulously crafted schedule and hours of research into proper and high yield resources, Samuel created a USMLE Study schedule that has helped him attain a score of 253 on the Step 1 and 258 on Step 2CK. Currently, Samuel is a fourth year medical student pursuing a residency position in radiology. During his time off from academics, Samuel enjoys music and participating in community and church basketball leagues as a coach, player, and referee.

Sejal graduated from a US affiliated international medical school. After graduation, she immediately finished and passed her USMLE Step 2 CS. She then began studying for Step 1, where she realized that Step 1, 2CK, and 3 could be easily conquered together if she understood the underlying concepts in medicine rather than rote memorization. Within a few months, she had finished her Step 1 and three weeks later finished her Step 2CK where she had scored in the mid-high 90s. She attributes this to her conceptual medical knowledge gained through her independent study.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and medicinal botany.

The method Sejal uses in teaching draws from understanding a conceptual point of view rather than memorization. This method is effective because a question can be asked in many different ways and the student will still get it correct.