Thanks for coming by to get your bonus copy of the Warrior Meditation and Time Line for study.

When listening to the Warrior Meditation, sit in a quiet space, and uncross your arms and legs. This track is one of 30+ tracks on our Full Potential Audio which is a complement to any study program… think of it as the “ultimate test prep accessory” designed to enhance any content/academic study plan and provide a significant edge to any student and test taker.

Each track includes a scientifically proven mental enhancement technique including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming: change one’s perspective with posture and breathing.
  • Guided Visualizations: ignite one’s imagination to hone peak performance.
  • Binaural Beat Technology: accelerates one’s state of calm and alertness through sound frequencies and more.

Let us know how else we can be of service to you! Whether you need support in an academic topic, an upcoming test – – we’re confident we can help you perform your best!


  • Exercise
  • Meditation and Mindful Practices
  • Nutrition

Take stock in making lifestyle changes to support your test-taking event. Changes should be reasonable and supportable. Start with one small change per week or month.


  • Massage and other Pampering
  • Budgeting in time with friends and other activities NOT part of studying
  • Create a Schedule when you’ll study and do the supportive prep

Suggestions to Incorporate:

  • Visualization/Hypnosis
  • NLP Sound Therapy
  • Other Modalities


  • Food Availability for week before
  • Sleep
  • Pampering
  • Visit Test Center – Chart and time the trek there
  • Planning your celebration after the test.

Suggestions to Incorporate:

  • Visualization/Hypnosis
  • NLP
  • Sound Therapy
  • EFT
  • Other Modalities


  • SLEEP and
  • Eat well


  • Sleep, eat well, and have everything ready to go to the test center.
  • Call upon your superpowers!
  • Connect with whatever part of yourself you don’t feel completion with, and figure out how to make peace with it.


  • Implement whatever support tools you’ve ignited through your prep process.
  • Ride your wave to greatness!

We can’t wait to celebrate your success! Please be in touch with us and tell us how you do (and if you need any help along the way!