Keys to Success on MCAT

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Conventional wisdom tells us that all we need to do is work hard, and high test scores will inevitably follow. As anyone who has taken a high-stakes test knows, the real story is not always so simple. If you think about how much time you actually spend physically taking tests, they have a disproportionately large role in your psyche. How you perform during a few hours, while hunched over a computer in some strange building, can have major consequences. Which medical school you attend to has a lot to do with what job you will get as a physician.  Hard Work is Not Enough Hard work alone is not enough for you to score your best: You can spend hours memorizing organic chemistry and physics equations, but if you don’t learn effective test strategies or feel confident when you go into the test, you will not achieve your full potential. It’s therefore no surprise that anxiety sets in when these tests loom large in your mind as a decider of your fate. In fact, if you go into the test feeling anything but calm and focused, you risk a subpar performance. You’ll be glad to know there are techniques out there to…

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GMAT Takers You’re in Luck: Get Ready for the New GRE

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The Educational Testing Service (ETS) re-announced its plan to revamp the GRE by Autumn 2011, with the largest revisions in the test’s history. The changes will be in content and format including adjustment of the scoring scale, changes in the verbal and math content, more flexible navigation abilities while taking the test and addition of the use of tools — specifically, a calculator. While it’s important to be aware of the changes, our take on this is that there’s a lot more hype here than substance. The few changes that do make a difference can be beneficial if you’re aware of them, prepare judiciously and in a focused manner, and learn how to take advantage of them. Below, we’ve explained what you can expect and what this all really means to test takers. The exam will still include verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing sections, and each is being revised. The new verbal section will eliminate antonyms and analogies questions and add more reading comprehension questions. On the quantitative section, the number of geometry questions will be reduced, and more data analysis added; most notably, there will be the addition of an online calculator. The writing section continues to…

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